Transformational Life Coach | Podcaster | Your no-BS weird-ass bestie!

Hey! I'm cass.

I'm so happy you're here! 

I'm on a mission to help as many women as I can, discover their WHY so that they can live a purposed-filled totally fulfilling life. Starting with myself! 

I hit rock bottom after battling with suicidal depression for 10 years. It sucked ass! But in the moments of hitting rock bottom, I surrendered to whatever is up there. God, the Universe, my Higher-self.

Have you been there before? If yes, my heart feels for you. And if not, then I hope you never have to experience it! 

Trust me, you do not need to hit rock bottom in order to create a transformation for your self my love!

So, since hitting rock-bottom, I've dedicated my life to discovering all the best tools, tips, and strategies to help you discover & become the best version of yourself, to connect with your higher purpose, and love life thatttt much more!

A Few Things You Might Not Have Known About Me


I love candy, chocolate, and blue monster energy drinks! I try not to take life so seriously. I used to feel total shame when I ate "shitty" foods but then I became totally unapologetic in who I am and now I'm like...BRING ON THEM TREATS , hahah! How about you? Whats your fav treat?


I used to be a Personal Support Worker and DSW. But something inside of me said "Cass, this is not your calling, keep searching". So, the Universe fired me from that job and it lead me to starting my first business as a Professional Home Organizer! Who woulda thought! First year I called it "Cass' Decluttering Solutions" then I rebranded and named it "Transformed Spaces". 


After 5.5 years in biz, I still felt like something was missing. PLUS a Global Pandemic struck and again, the Universe had me Pivot. Yeeeha!



So, I created a brand online called "Cass Henry Coaching". I was scared AF! 

Imposter syndrome, fear of failing, fear of not being good enough, fear of being judged- it all came knocking on my door. 

When I answered the door, at first I welcomed fear in (thinking it had my best interest in mind) LOL - naaaawt.

Now when fear comes knocking on my door, I still open the door but I say "Nawww, I'm good. Thanks anyways ;)"

October 2020 - I created The Ultimate Fulfillment Journal

February 2021 - I invested in my very first Biz Coach which cost me over $5,000 (call me crazy but ya gotta start somewhere;) 

April 2021 - I fully pivoted (thanks to that coach I hired;) I started my podcast Unapologetically on Purpose, became a meditation teacher, hosted my first Clarity & Confidence Workshop, and landed my first private coaching client!

Now I'm filling in the gaps - to deepen the connect between women and women with their higher-selves.


I'm also a mama to this little cutie! When you have a strong enough why, nothing can stop you.