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Don’t Give up on Your Dreams

It can seem pointless to continue to dream in times like this.

It can seem difficult to plan for your future when you’re merely trying to survive.

It can feel scary to take action towards your dreams when there’s so much uncertainty.

But just like every storm, every winter, and every time you fall, the sun will shine, the spring follows, and you eventually stand back up.

So… don’t lose sight of your dreams! Don’t give up on them. Don’t stop planning, and taking inspired action towards that life you’ve been working so hard towards before all of this happened.

Brutal honesty? I’ve been scared too. And sad. And worried. And disappointed. And angry. And frustrated. But those feelings come in waves and underneath it all, is a burning desire to never give up.

On my dreams.
On my relationships.
On my business.
On my body.
On my faith.
On my mental strength.
On life.

Once all this passes and the world begins again, you will be grateful that you never gave up.

So turn that one day into day one and turn your fear into fire and let’s rise together.

Much love,


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