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How to Make a Vision Board That Actually Works

Have you ever grabbed beautiful images off Pinterest and you’re like “YES! This is what I want for my life” and so you printed them off, plastered them to a board and either:

  1. Never looked at the board again
  2. Put so many things it overwhelmed you
  3. Didn’t fully believe it’s possible for you
  4. Didn’t full-heartedly want the things you put on it OR
  5. You set unrealistic expectations for when you would get them or HOW

If you nodded your head yes to any of these things, then… you’re not alone. However, that’s probably why your vision board didn’t work.

BUT, you’re in luck!

My top 3 tips on how to actually make your vision board work!

Are you ready?


Tip #1. Get CLEAR on what YOU actually want. Then, ASK!

Have you ever gone after something and then realized after that, “wow, I didn’t even want this. Why did I ask for it?”

Sometimes we ask for things or thing we want things because:

1. Social Media (“If she has that, and she’s happy, that must mean I need to have/be/do that thing as well to be happy”)

2. People told you that you SHOULD (“You should start a business in cleaning! You’re really good at it.”)

3. To (subconsciously) prove to others that you’re good enough (AKA, you think that you will come off as looking important, rich, and perhaps sexy, and think you’ll fit in more if you buy that sports car. Meanwhile, in your heart, you actually don’t give a shit about what car you drive. However instead, you listen to your survival instinct of- I want to be liked, loved, and be seen as __________, so I need that car)

Once you connect with your heart and get clear around what YOU actually want, then you’re on the right track.

Sometimes meditating or taking some time to write these things out before you start the vision board process can help! I always lead my vision board workshops off with a mediation to set the tone.

Once you know what you want, you have to ASK for it! Seriously…

Hey (God, Universe- whatever you believe in) I…. then, ask for what you want.

** But wait! Do not ask in a way that seems needy or that you’re experiencing lack.

“I need”

“I want”

“I have to have”

Are all phrases that will not respond well.

Instead, say something like, “Hey Universe! Thank you for always having my back and bringing to me what you believe is best for me. I thank you in advance for bringing me my soul mate, my million dollar business and my sexy body.”

Ask, as if it’s already yours and be sure to say thanks! The Universe likes manners;)


Tip #2. BELIEVE!

You must BELIEVE that what you want and what you’re asking for is possible for you and that you are worthy of receiving it. You must be able to align your thoughts with your heart.

When you do not fully believe that you or worthy of receiving or that it’s not possible for you, it causes doubt and disbelief which actually pushes what you want, further and further away from you.

So, put on the board things you believe are possible for you (with a bit of a stretch).

Let’s say you want to earn 1 million dollars. However, you’ve never earned more than $20,000 before. Do you think thats realistic? Maybe! However, it’s a bigggg stretch. I’m not saying it’s not possible, but what I am saying is to…make it believable with a stretch. So perhaps instead, put “I earn $100,000 or more”

Thennn, when you earn that $100,000, you can then increase it! That way, you’re more likely to believe it and when you believe in your mind it’s possible, then your head and heart are connected and in that space, manifestation works!


Tip#3. You set expectations around the wrong things

When it comes to vision boards and manifestation, it’s important to understand how it all works. Long story short, all YOU need to do is #1-2 as listed above.

Gain clarity.

Ask for what you want and say thanks as if it’s already yours.

Believe it’s possible for you and you’re worthy of receiving.

The moment you set any other expectations, manifestation will not work.


Your goal is to earn $100,000.

If you begin to get in your head and say, “in order to get $100,000 I need to work x amount of hours, which means I need to get another job and work harder and longer and ah that’s not possible so my goal is not possible.”


Your goal is to find your soulmate.

“Okay, so Sally met her soulmate on Tinder and so I guess if I also want to find my soulmate I have to go find him on Tinder.”

If you set expectations around:

  1. HOW you will get what you want
  2. WHERE you will get what you want
  3. WHEN you will get what you want

You are not allowing the Universe to do its job. The Universes job is to show you the how, the when, and the what.

Does this make sense? I hope it does!

When it comes to manifestation, setting goals, and creating vision boards that work, I’m pretty much your gal!

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Until then,

Keep chasing your greatest goals and dreams!


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