Are you a female side hustling entrepreneur?

Do you have a side gig along with your part-time or full-time job?

 Are you someone who is wanting to up-level? AKA- be happier, more successful, make more money, create better   habits/routines/behaviours to become the best version of yourself?

Perhaps you have your side hustle because you…

  1. Need/want more money 💸
  2. Are feeling unfulfilled in their 9-5 😴
  3. Have dreams beyond the cubicle 🌟
  4. KNOW you were made for more and are in the process of discovering what that is 🦸‍♀️
  5. Are curious about how you could be happier in your life, your relationships, with yourself, and having a side gig gives you a sense of fulfilment, purpose, passion, joy, excitement, a sense of belonging

 But, you’re missing…

  1. A vision for what all of that even looks like- What do you want?!
  2. Habits/routines set in place in order to make excel in the right areas and to reach your goals
  3. BELIEF in yourself that your dreams ARE possible and you are worthy of receiving them
 I’ve created a 4-week coaching program for female entrepreneurs who are feeling stuck in their life   right now, who KNOW they are meant for more but aren’t quite there yet.
If you’re ready to discover what it takes to turn your dreams into reality, then this is for you!

Trust me, if you see it in your mind then you aren’t that far off from having it in your physical life. 


“Cass has a contagious passion for what she is doing. She truly wants you to succeed and it really shows through the attention to detail and to each person.

Asia B.

“Since starting with Cass a couple of weeks ago she has been a great bottle of energy encouraging us to get our workouts in and reminding us that we will still have our low energy days. She is willing to support you in any way you need and delivers, even at 6 am! If you need assistance improving your mind and body or need a little more pep in your step, this is your girl! She practices what she preaches and can relate to you more than you know. Out of 5….I would have to give her a 6:)

Teri W.

“Cass is the most positive encouraging person. I wish I could have her by my side all the time as my cheerleader!! She makes me want to do better in all areas of my life.”

Tanya S.

“Cass helped me believe that my dreams were possible and that I am capable of achieving them. Her positivity and encouragement were invaluable in shifting my perspective and become aware of my own bad habits. In 30 days with Cass, my life has taken the direction I have wanted for four years but kept sabotaging along the way. Thank you!!!

Mira L.