Vision Board Workshop

Vision Boards- What are they?

vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal(s). On this board, you’ll display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.

vision board is a concrete representation of your desires and aspirations for your dream life. They are fun to create and can serve as an invaluable tool to motivate and inspire you towards daily action in pursuit of your biggest and most important life goals.

Your vision board should focus on how you want to feel, not just on things that you want. You can add images of what you want to have, however, it’s most important to infuse each photo with intense emotion! The more your board focuses on how you want to feel, the more it will come to life.

YES! They work.

What we focus on expands. When you create a vision board and place it in a space where you see it often, you essentially end up doing short visualization exercises throughout the day. This is key!

Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do. In the book The Secret, it says, “The law of attraction is forming your entire life experience and it is doing that through your thoughts. When you are visualizing, you are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe.”

Perhaps thats too much to take in.

Essentially, what you put your focus, emotion, and energy into, will be brought to you in life.

These workshops & coaching sessions are much more than cutting and pasting.

You’ll get:

  • Guided visualization meditation to help you uncover what you truly want in your life
  • Life coaching on manifestation & the law of attraction
  • Learn how to create a vision board that works!
  • Gain clarity about your dreams and goals in all aspects of your life with my 16-page workbook
  • Uncover limiting beliefs, bad habits, and past behaviours that have been preventing you from reaching your goals
  • Create relationships with influential people who can help you reach your goals even faster and develop the accountability you need to stay motivated!
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