Copy of Virtual Vision Board Workshop Marketing Material (4)
I did a vision board workshop with Cass! It was an amazing experience! Everyone should attend her workshop as it's very inspirational and gives focus on where your at in your life. Love her positive attitude, and following her makes me want to have a better life emotionally, physically and financially! Thank you Cass!
Linda Richards
Ottawa, ON
My friend and I decided to do this workshop because we both were seeking a big change or turn around in our lives! I’m happy to say that it was so worth it! Anyone can do this and with Cass’ inspiring words and happy vibe, this has been life changing! I’m already seeing some of my board coming to fruition! Thank you Cass!!
Becca Hansen
Ottawa, ON
I did a workshop last feb with my fellow team members. Cass has a unique way to inspire you and bring you dream and your life in perspective. Love her beautiful spirit, her confidence and beautiful soul. Highly recommend her.
Sylvie Ethier
Ottawa, ON


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